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Nov. 15th

Workshop and Tutorials
Sunday Nov. 15th Tutorials    
  S1 S2 S3
8:30 - 9:30


Pulse Coupled Neural Networks for Automatic Urban Change Detection at Very High Spatial Resolution

Fabio Pacifici and William J. Emery

9:00     Tutorial 1

Texture analysis methods and applications

The tutorial will cover basic texture analysis and segmentation methods, like Markov random fields, Gibbs distributions, mathematical morphology, frequency based methods, sequency based methods, Gabor functions, wavelets, co-occurrence matrices, etc.

Prof. Maria Petrou
 University of Cambridge, UK

9:00     Tutorial 2

An overview of research in the computer vision area

The goal of this tutorial is to cover several current main topics in computer vision research. The scope will be rather broad, including the following topics: image matching, structure-from-motion and image-based 3D modeling, panoramic imaging, image-based modeling of deformable and articulated motions, object recognition, image and video indexing. Underlying principles, current research avenues, and applications will be shown.

Prof. Peter Sturm
 INRIA, Grenoble, Rhone-Alpes, France

9:30 - 9:50

W1: Multi-Stage Processing and Feature Recovery Techniques. Chair: Boris Escalante

Spectral Estimation of Digital Signals by the Orthogonal Kravchenko Wavelets

Victor Kravchenko, Hector Perez Meana, Volodymyr Ponomaryov, Dmitry Churikov

9:50  - 10:10

Video Denoising by Fuzzy Directional Filter Using the DSP EVM DM642

Francisco J. Gallegos-Funes, Victor Kravchenko, Volodymyr Ponomaryov, and Alberto Rosales-Silva

10:10 - 10:30

Image Authentication Scheme Based On Self-Embedding Watermarking

Clara Cruz-Ramos, Rogelio Reyes-Reyes, Mariko Nakano-Miyatake and Héctor Pérez-Meana

10:30 - 10:50

Unified Experiment Design, Bayesian Minimum Risk and Convex Projection Regularization Method

Yuriy Shkvarko, Jose Tuxpan and Stewart Santos

10:50 - 11:10

Intelligent Experiment Design-Based Virtual Remote Sensing Laboratory

Yuriy Shkvarko, Jose Tuxpan and Stewart Santos

11:10 - 11:30 C o f f e e      B r e a k
11:30 - 11:50

W2: Intelligent RS Imagery Research and Discovery Techniques. Chair: Juan Dourado

Optimizing classification accuracy of remotely sensed imagery with DT-CWT fused images

Diego Renza, Estibaliz Martinez, and Agueda Arquero

Tutorial 1

Texture analysis methods and applications

Prof. Maria Petrou
 University of Cambridge, UK



Tutorial 2(Continuation)

An overview of research in the computer vision area

Prof. Peter Sturm
 INRIA, Grenoble, Rhone-Alpes, France

11:50 - 12:10

Filter banks for hyperspectral pixel classification of satellite images

Olga Rajadell, Pedro García-Sevilla and Filiberto Pla

12:10 - 12:30

Minimum Variance Gain Nonuniformity Estimation in Infrared Focal Plane Array Sensors

César San-Martin, Gabriel Hermosilla

12:30 - 12:50

Movement Detection and Tracking using Video Frames

Josue Hernandez, Hiroshi Morita, Mariko Nakano-Miytake, Hector Perez-Meana

12:50 - 13:10

A New Steganography Based on x2 Technic

Zainab Famili, Karim Faez, Abbas Fadavi

13:10 - 13:30

Near Real Time Enhancement of Remote Sensing Imagery based on a Network of Systolic Arrays

A. Castillo Atoche, D. Torres Roman, Y. Shkvarko

13:30:  14:30 L u n c h
14:30 - 16:00

Tutorial 3

Part I: Applications of Geometric Algebra in Robot Vision, Graphics and Medical Image

The tutorial will cover the applications of Geometric algebra in Robot vision, Graphics and Medical Image.

Prof. Eduardo Bayro Corrochano
CINVESTAV, Guadalajeara, Mexico

Dr. Dietmar Hildenbrand
Computer science department
Graphical interactive systems group, TU, Darmstadt, Germany


Tutorial 4

We are Building a Topological Pyramid

Vision sensors observe 3D objects in a dynamic environment. Objects consist of several connected 3D part and these parts can be connected in different ways: rigidly, articulated, smoothly deformable. We will discuss in detail the basic concept of dual graph pyramids and show results for connected component analysis and segmentation. We finally discuss their main properties among which the preservation of the image topology.

Prof. Walter G. Kropatsch
Vienna University of Technology, Viena

Tutorial 5

An introduction to Visual SLAM for applications in robotics and computer vision using fast feature description and matching

To be able to build a map of the immediate environment in real-time as well as being able to use this map to position a camera in space offers significant advantages to many mobile platforms such as robots, mobile phones or measurement devices. The current main approach uses visual simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) techniques to achieve this. This tutorial aims to be an overview of these techniques with an emphasis on feature description, matching and map management. The content is aimed at researchers and students wanting to gain an insight into the details of visual SLAM and some of its applications such as in robotics and augmented reality.

Dr Walterio Mayol-Cuevas
University of Bristol

16:00 - 16:30 C o f f e e B r e a k
16:30 - 18:00

Tutorial 3

Part II: Applications of Geometric Algebra in Robot Vision, Graphics and Medical Image

Tutorial 4 (continuation)

We are Building a Topological Pyramid

Tutorial 5 (continuation)

An introduction to Visual SLAM for applications in robotics and computer vision using fast feature description and matching

19:00- 22:00  Ice break Party of the 14th Iberoamerican Congress   on Pattern Recognition (CIARP 2009)

Nov. 16th

Main Program
Monday Nov. 16    
  S1 S2
8:30 - 9:30

Keynote: An Imaging Architecture Based on Derivative Estimation Sensors

Maria Petrou

9:30 - 9:50

S1: Image Coding, Processing and Analysis. Chair: W. Kropach

Dealing with Inaccurate Face Detection for Automatic Gender Recognition with Partially Occluded Faces

Yasmina Andreu, Pedro García-Sevilla, and Ramón A. Mollineda

9:50  - 10:10

Finding Images with Similar Lighting Conditions in Large Photo Collections

Mauricio Díaz and Peter Sturm

10:10 - 10:30

Homological computation using spanning trees

H. Molina-Abril and P. Real

10:30 - 10:50

Two-frame optical flow formulation in an unwarping multiresolution scheme

C.Cassisa, S.Simoens and V.Prinet

10:50 - 11:10 C o f f e e      B r e a k
11:10  - 11:30

S2: Segmentation, Analysis of Shape and Texture I. Chair:  Alvaro Pardo

Texture Characterization using a Curvelet Based Descriptor

Francisco Gómez and Eduardo Romero

11:30 - 11:50

Morphological Shape Context: Semi-locality and Robust Matching in Shape Recognition

Mariano Tepper, Francisco Gómez, Pablo Musé, Andres Almansa, and Marta Mejail

11:50 - 12:10

On the Computation of the Common Labelling of a set of Attributed Graphs

Albert Solé-Ribalta, Francesc Serratosa

12:10 - 12:30

Advances in Rotation-Invariant Texture Analysis

Alfonso Estudillo-Romero and Boris Escalante-Ramirez

13:10 - 14:30 L u n c h
14:30 - 14:50

S4 : Segmentation, Analysis of Shape and Texture II. Chair:  Maria Petrou

SAR image segmentation using level sets and region competition under the G^H model

Maria Elena Buemi, Norberto Goussies, Julio Jacobo and Marta Mejail

S5: Intelligent Computing for  Remote Sensing Imagery. Chair: Yurij Shkvarko

Randomized Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis for Scene Recognition

Erik Rodner and Joachim Denzler

14:50  - 15:10

Multimodal algorithm for iris recognition with local topological descriptors

Sergio Campos, Rodrigo Salas, Hector Allende, and Carlos Castro

Object Contour Tracking Using Foreground and Background Distribution Matching

Mohand Saïd Allili

15:10  - 15:30

Segmentation in 2D and 3D Image Using Tissue-like P System

Hepzibah A. Christinal, Daniel Díaz-Pernil, Pedro Real Jurado

Processing of Microarray Images

Fernando Mastandrea and Álvaro Pardo

15:30 - 15:50

Dynamic image segmentation method using hierarchical clustering

Jorge Galbiati, Héctor Allende, and Carlos Becerra

Multi-Focus Image Fusion Based on Fuzzy and Wavelet Transform

Jamal Saeedi, Karim Faez, and Saeed Mozaffari

15:50 - 16:10

Fast unsupervised texture segmentation based active contour model and battachryya distance

Foued Derraz, Abdelmalik Taleb-Ahmed, Antonio Pinti, Laurent Peyrodie, Nacim Betrouni, Azzeddine Chikh And Fethi Bereksi-Reguig

Unsupervised Object Discovery from Images by Mining Local Features Using Hashing

Gibran Fuentes Pineda, Hisashi Koga, and Toshinori Watanabe

16:10 - 16:30 C o f f e e      B r e a k.      Biscuits, Refreshment
16:30 - 16:50

S6: Geometric Image Processing and Analysis:  Pedro Real

A Distributed and Collective Approach for Curved Object-based Range Image Segmentation

Smaine Mazouzi, Zahia Guessoum, and Fabien Michel

S7: Analysis of Signal, Speech and Language: Aurora Pons-Porrata

Isolate Speech Recognition Based on Time-Frequency Analysis Methods

Alfredo Mantilla-Caeiros, Mariko Nakano Miyatake and Hector Perez-Meana

16:50 - 17:10

A Fuzzy Segmentation Method for Images of Heat-Emitting Objects

Anna Fabijańska

Feature Selection based on Information Theory for Speaker Verification

Rafael Fernández, Jean-François Bonastre, Driss Matrouf and José R. Calvo

17:10 - 17:30

A new Unsupervised Learning for Clustering using Geometric Associative Memories 

Benjamín Cruz, Ricardo Barrón, and Humberto Sossa

Implementation of Three Text to Speech Systems for Kurdish Language

Anvar Bahrampour, Wafa Barkhoda, Bahram Zahir Azami

17:30 - 17:50

Geometric Approach to Hole Segmentation and Hole Closing in 3D Volumetric Objects

Marcin Janaszewski, Michel Couprie, and Laurent Babout

Handwritten Word Recognition Using Multi-View Analysis

J. J. de Oliveira Jr., C. O. de A. Freitas, J. M. de Carvalho, and R. Sabourin

17:50 - 18:10

Optimizations and Performance of a Robotics Grasping Algorithm described in Geometric Algebra

Florian Wörsdörfer, Florian Stock, Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano, and Dietmar Hildenbrand

A Speed-Up Hierarchical Compact Clustering Algorithm for Dynamic Document Collections

Reynaldo Gil-García and Aurora Pons-Porrata

18:10 - 18:30

Getting topological information for a 80-adjacency doxel-based 4D volume through a polytopal cell complex

Ana Pacheco and Pedro Real

Incorporating Linguistic Information to Statistical Word-Level Alignment

Eduardo Cendejas, Grettel Barceló, Alexander Gelbukh, and Grigori Sidorov

Zapopan by night  (optional tour)

Nov. 17th


Tuesday   Nov. 17th
8:30 - 9:30

Keynote: Challenges and Opportunities for Extracting Cardiovascular Risk Biomarker
  from Imaging Data

Ioannis Kakadiaris

9:30 - 9:50

S8: Feature Extraction, Clustering and Classification I. Chair: Jan-Olof Eklundh

A Combine-Correct-Combine Scheme for Optimizing Dissimilarity-Based Classifiers

Sang-Woon Kim and Robert P. W. Duin

9:50  - 10:10

Classifier Selection in a Family of Polyhedron Classifiers

Tetsuji Takahashi, Mineichi Kudo and Atsuyoshi Nakamura

10:10 - 10:30

Characterization of Feature Points in Eye Fundus Images

D. Calvo, M. Ortega, M.G. Penedo, J. Rouco

10:30 - 10:50

Clustering Ensemble Method for Heterogeneous Partitions

Sandro Vega-Pons and José Ruiz-Shulcloper

10:50 - 11:10 C o f f e e      B r e a k
11:10  - 11:30

S9: Feature Extraction, Clustering and Classification II. Chair: Reiner Klette

Computing the weights of Polynomial Cellular Neural Networks using Quadratic Programming

Anna Rubi-Velez, Eduardo Gomez-Ramirez and Giovanni E. Pazienza

11:30 - 11:50

The Multi-level Learning and Classification of Multi-Class Parts-based Representations of US Marine Postures

Deborah Goshorn, Juan Wachs, and Mathias Kölsch

11:50 - 12:10

Pigmented skin lesions classification using dermatoscopic images

Germán Capdehourat, Andrés Corez, Anabella Bazzano, and Pablo Musé

12:10 - 12:30

Two-dimensional Fast Orthogonal Neural Network for Image Recognition

Bart lomiej Stasiak

13:10 - 14:30 L u n c h Steering committee meeting
14:30 - 15:30

Keynote: 3D and Appearance Modeling from Images

Peter Sturm

15:30 - 18:30

Poster session Chairs: Walter Kropach and Jaime Ortegón-Aguilar

Note: at the beginning of the poster session all the authors have to present in front of the audience in 0.5  minute a 1 power point slide of a  summary of his/her  poster.

Poster sesión
(01 - 42)

Tlaquepaque by night  (optional tour)


        Filter Criteria Criteria Term    
Poster Number Title
01 A Binarization Method for a Scenery Image with the Fractal Dimension
Hiromi Yoshida and Naoki Tanaka
02 Selective Change-Driven Image Processing: a Speeding-up Strategy
Jose A. Boluda, Francisco Vegara, Fernando Pardo, and Pedro Zuccarello
03 Coding Long Contour Shapes of Binary Objects
Hermilo Sánchez-Cruz and Mario A. Rodríguez-Díaz
04 A Novel Approach to Robust Background Subtraction
Walter Izquierdo Guerra and Edel García-Reyes
05 Automatic Choice of the Number of Nearest Neighbors in Locally Linear Embedding
Juliana Valencia-Aguirre, Andrés Álvarez-Mesa, Genaro Daza-Santacoloma, and Germán Castellanos-Domínguez
06 K-Medoids-Based Random Biometric Pattern for Cryptographic Key Generation
Garcia-Baleon, H. A., Alarcon-Aquino, V., and Starostenko, O.
07 A Hardware Architecture for SIFT Candidate Keypoints Detection
Leonardo Chang and José Hernández-Palancar
08 Improving Fingerprint Matching Using an Orientation-Based Minutia Descriptor
Miguel Angel Medina-Pérez, Andrés Gutiérrez-Rodríguez, Milton García-Borroto
09 A Study on Representations for Face Recognition from Thermal Images
Yenisel Plasencia, Edel García-Reyes, Robert P. W. Duin, Heydi Mendez-Vazquez, César San-Martin, and Claudio Soto
10 Learning an Efficient Texture Model by Supervised Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction Methods
Elnaz Barshan, Mina Behravan, and Zohreh Azimifar
11 Prediction of Sequential Values for Debt Recovery
Tomasz Kajdanowicz, Przemysław Kazienko
12 A Computer-Assisted Colorization Approach based on Efficient Belief Propagation and Graph
Matching Alexandre Noma, Luiz Velho, and Roberto M. Cesar-Jr
13 Simple Noise robust feature vector selection method for speaker recognition
Gabriel Hernández, José R. Calvo, Flavio J. Reyes, and Rafael Fernández
14 Signal analysis for assessment and prediction of the artificial habitat in shrimp aquaculture
José Juan Carbajal Hernández, Luis Pastor Sanchez Fernandez, José Luis Oropeza Rodríguez and Edgardo Manuel Felipe Riverón
15 Functional Feature Selection by Weighted Projections in Pathological Voice Detection
Luis Sánchez Giraldo, Fernando Martínez Tabares, and Germán Castellanos Domínguez
16 Learning Co-Relations of Plausible Verb Arguments with a WSM and a Distributional Thesaurus
Hiram Calvo, Kentaro Inui, Yuji Matsumoto
17 Airway Tree Segmentation from CT Scans Using Gradient-Guided 3D Region Growing
Anna Fabijańska, Marcin Janaszewski, Michał Postolski and Laurent Babou
18 Color Image Registration Under Illumination Changes
Raúl Montoliu, Pedro Latorre Carmona, and Filiberto Pla
19 Circular Degree Hough Transform
Alejandro Flores-Mendez and Angeles Suarez-Cervantes
20 A Simple Method for Eccentric Event Espial using Mahalanobis Metric
Md. Haidar Sharif and Chabane Djeraba
21 BR: A New Method for Computing all Typical Testors
Alexsey Lias-Rodríguez and Aurora Pons-Porrata
22 Combining functional data projections for time series classificationAlberto
Muñoz and Javier González
23 Finding Small Consistent Subset for the Nearest Neighbor Classifier based on Support graphs
Milton García-Borroto, Yenny Villuendas-Rey, Jesús Ariel Carrasco-Ochoa, José Fco. Martínez-Trinidad
24 Analysis of the GRNs inference by using Tsallis entropy and a feature selection approach
Fabrício M. Lopes, Evaldo A. de Oliveira and Roberto M. Cesar-Jr
25 Using maximum similarity graphs to edit Nearest Neighbor Classifiers
Milton García-Borroto, Yenny Villuendas-Rey, Jesús Ariel Carrasco-Ochoa, José Fco. Martínez-Trinidad
26 The Representation of Chemical Spectral Data for Classification
Diana Porro, Robert W. Duin, Isneri Talavera, Noslen Hdez
27 Visual Pattern Analysis in Histopathology Images Using Bag of Features
Angel Cruz-Roa, Juan C. Caicedo and Fabio A. González
28 A Brief Index for Proximity Searching
Eric Sadit Téllez, Edgar Chávez, and Antonio Camarena-Ibarrola
29 Correlation Pattern Recognition in Nonoverlapping Scene Using a Noisy Reference
Pablo M. Aguilar-González and Vitaly Kober
30 Robust Radio Broadcast Monitoring Using a Multi-Band Spectral Entropy Signature
Antonio Camarena-Ibarrola and Edgar Chávez and Eric Sadit Tellez
31 Real time hot spot detection using FPGA
Sol Pedre, Andres Stoliar and Patricia Borensztejn
32 SPC without Control Limits and Normality Assumption: A New Method
J. A. Vazquez-Lopez and I. Lopez-Juarez
33 Leaks Detection in a Pipeline using Artificial Neural Network
Ignacio Barradas , Luis E. Garza, Ruben Morales-Menendez, Adriana Vargas-Martínez
34 An Enhanced Probabilistic Neural Network Approach Applied to Text Classification
Patrick Marques Ciarelli and Elias Oliveira
35 Writer Identification Using Super Paramagnetic Clustering and Spatio Temporal Neural Network
Seyyed Ataollah Taghavi Sangdehi, Karim Faez
36 Landmark Real-Time Recognition and Positioning for Pedestrian Navigation
Antonio Adán, Alberto Martín, Enrique Valero, Pilar Merchán
37 A New Segmentation Approach for Old Fractured Pieces
Jesus Llanes, Antonio Adan, Santiago Salamanca
38 Experimental Assessment of Probabilistic Integrated Object Recognition and Tracking Methods
Francesc Serratosa, Nicolás Amézquita and René Alquézar
39 A Simple Sample Consensus Algorithm to Find Multiple Models
Carlos Lara-Alvarez, Leonardo Romero, Juan F. Flores, Cuauhtemoc Gomez
40 Generating Video Textures by PPCA and Gaussian Process Dynamical Model
Wentao Fan and Nizar Bouguila
41 Use of Ultrasound and Computer Vision for 3D Reconstruction
Machucho C. R., de la Cruz Rodríguez S., Moya Sánchez. E., Bayro-Corrochano E
42 Compression And Key Feature Extraction For Video Transmission
Esteban Tobias Bayro Kaiser, Eduardo Correa Arameda and Eduardo Bayro Corrochano








Nov. 18th

Wednesday  Nov. 18th    
  S1 S2
8:30 - 9:30

Keynote: When Pyramids Learned Walking

Walter G. Kropatsch

9:30 - 9:50

S10: Computer Vision. Chair: Peter Sturm

Towards an Iterative Algorithm for the Optimal Boundary Coverage of a 3D Environment

Andrea Bottino

9:50  - 10:10

Measuring Cubeness of 3D Shapes

Carlos Martinez-Ortiz and Joviša Žunić

10:10 - 10:30

Rigid Part Decomposition in a Graph Pyramid

Nicole M. Artner, Adrian Ion, and Walter G. Kropatsch

10:30 - 10:50

Analysis of Non Local Image Denoising Methods

Álvaro Pardo

10:50 - 11:10 C o f f e e      B r e a k
11:10  - 11:30

S11: Video Segmentation and Tracking. Chair: Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano

Fuzzy Feature-Based Upper Body Tracking with IP PTZ Camera Control

Parisa Darvish Zadeh Varcheie and Guillaume-Alexandre Bilodeau

11:30 - 11:50

Real-Time Stereo Matching using memory-efficient Belief Propagation for High-definition 3D tele-presence systems

Jesús M. Pérez  and Pablo Sánchez and Marcos Martínez

11:50 - 12:10

Discrete Integral Sliding Mode Control In Visual Object Tracking Using Differential Kinematics

Luis Enrique González Jiménez, Alexander Loukianov and Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano,

12:10 - 12:30

Machine learning and geometric technique for SLAM

Miguel Bernal-Marin and Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano

13:10 - 14:30 L u n c h
14:30 - 14:50

S12: Statistical Pattern Recognition. Chair:  Maria Petrou

Particle Swarm Model Selection for Authorship Verification

Hugo Jair Escalante, Manuel Montes, and Luis Villaseñor

S13:  Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition. Chair: Nancy Arana-Daniel

Improved Online Support Vector Machines Spam Filtering Using String Kernels

Ola Amayri and Nizar Bouguila

14:50  - 15:10 Image characterization from statistical reduction of local patterns

Philippe Guermeur and Antoine Manzanera

Neural Network Ensembles From Training set Expansions

Debrup Chakraborty

15:10  - 15:30

Semi-Supervised Robust Alternating AdaBoost

Héctor Allende-Cid, Jorge Mendoza, Héctor Allende, and Enrique Canessa

A New Incremental Algorithm for Overlapped Clustering

Ariel Pérez Suárez, José Fco. Martínez Trinidad, Jesús A. Carrasco Ochoa, and José E. Medina Pagola

15:30 - 15:50

Fast Pattern Classification of Ventricular Arrhythmias using Graphics Processing Units

Noel Lopes and Bernardete Ribeiro

A Multi-Class Kernel Alignment Method for Image Collection Summarization

Jorge E. Camargo and Fabio A. Gonzalez

15:50 - 16:10

Robot Command Interface using an Audio-Visual Speech Recognition System

Alexánder Ceballos, Juan Gómez, Flavio Prieto and Tanneguy Redarce

Neurocontroller for Power electronics-based devices

Oliver Perez M., Juan M. Ramirez, Pavel Zuniga H.


16:10 - 16:30 C o f f e e      B r e a k
16:30 - 16:50

S14: Computer Vision II. Chair: Jan-Olof Eklundh

Recognition and Quantification of Area Damaged by Oligonychus perseae in Avocado Leaves

Gloria Díaz, Eduardo Romero, Juan R. Boyero, and Norberto Malpica


S15: Robot Vision. Chair: Eduardo Morales

A Rapidly Trainable and Global Illumination Invariant Object Detection System

Sri-Kaushik Pavani, David Delgado-Gomez and Alejandro F. Frangi

16:50 - 17:10

Self-Calibration from Planes using Differential Evolution

Luis Gerardo de la Fraga


Expanding Irregular Graph Pyramid for an Approaching Object

Luis A. Mateos, Dan Shao, and Walter G. Kropatsch

17:10 - 17:30

Graph-Cut versus Belief-Propagation Stereo on Real-World Images

Sandino Morales, Joachim Penc, Tobi Vaudrey, and Reinhard Klette


Learning Relational Grammars from Sequences of Actions

Blanca Vargas-Govea and Eduardo F. Morales

17:30 - 17:50

Combining Appearance and Range Based Information For Multi-Class Generic Object Recognition

Doaa Hegazy, Joachim Denzler


On Environmental Model-Based Visual Perception for Humanoids

D. Gonzalez-Aguirre, S. Wieland, T. Asfour, and R. Dillmann

17:50 - 18:10

Scene Retrieval of Natural Images

J. F. Serrano, J. H. Sossa, C. Avilés, R. Barrón, G. Olague, J. Villegas


Dexterous Cooperative Manipulation with Redundant Robot Arms

David Navarro-Alarcon, Vicente Parra-Vega, Silvionel Vite-Medecigo, and Ernesto Olguin-Diaz

18:10 - 18:30 Conference Closing
Guadalajara by night  (Conference tour)
Gala dinner


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