Dr. Andrés Méndez Vázquez

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Current Students
  • Ph.d Jairo Salazar 
    • "Hyperespectral Analysis"
  • Ph.d Edgar Alejandro Llamas Mejia 
    • "Wavlet Analysis of Biosignals"
  • Ph.d Mauricio Maldonado Chan 
    • "Deep Learning Architectures for Classification"
  • Ph.d  Luis Ricardo Peña Llama 
    • "Kernel Learning for Classification"
  • Ph.d Arturo Garcia-Garcia
    • "Using Dirichlet Processes and Swarm Optimization for Learning Fuzzy Rules"
  • Master Lea Vega 
    • "Influence Analysis in Social Networks" 
  • Master María Celeste Ramírez Trujillo 
    • "Descriptors and Locality Sensitive Hashing for Object Recognition"
  • Master Arturo Calderon-Mora Thesis 
    • "Using Clustering and Probabilistic Methods for Recommendation Systems"

Past Students
  • Master Agustin Sancen-Plaza 
    • Thesis "Influnce Maximization Using Classification by Entropy in Graphs"
  • Master Rafael Orozco-Lopez 
    • Thesis "Robust Object Recognition using Shock trees and SIFT Descriptors"
  • Master David Ernesto Caro-Contreras 
    • Thesis"Dentritic Neuronal Network applications for Formal Concept Analysis"
  • Ph.d J. Guadalupe Olascuaga-Cabrera 
    • Thesis "Localized Strategies for Wireless Network Formation and Maintenance"
  • Ph.d Arturo Raymundo-Aviles 
    • Thesis "Multiobjective Optimization and Adaptative Learning for QoS in Networking."
  • Ph.d Victor Fernandez-Cervantes 
    • Thesis "Pattern Theory and Fuzzy Logic for Face and Feeling recognition"
  • Ph.d Rocio Chavez-Alvarez 
    • Thesis "Using SOM for cellular cycle identification"
  • Master Fernando Santos-Sanchez 
    • Thesis "Semantic Web PageRanking"
  • Master Jairo Salazar-Vazquez 
    • Thesis " Automatic endmember extraction algorithms for hyperspectral image analysis"

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